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What is an Access Control System?

As the name implies, an access control system controls who is allowed to enter and leave a structure or other property. Access control solutions provide dependable access to the right person at the right time. The best access control solutions are provided by Master Computers, which are one of the top manufacturers of access control systems in the UAE. 

The most suitable access control system will be chosen after a site inspection by our team of experts. For each of our customers, we present a unique set of solutions. We offer specially-made components like codes, device credentials, access cards, etc. We provide round-the-clock client service and real-time system administration as one of the best access control system suppliers in the UAE.

Access control is a type of electronic locking system that incorporates a variety of electronic devices and accessories. This includes stand-alone or multi-door access controllers, biometric readers, HID/Mifare/RFID cards, electric strike locks, electro-magnetic locks, door contacts, reed sensors, push buttons, rex switches, break glass or panic buttons, backup power sources, battery banks.

Access control system for Secure Access

As one of the top access control system suppliers in the UAE, we offer a wide range of solutions. From standalone web-hosted door access control systems for single doors to integrated systems that can manage thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points throughout UAE, we provide you with everything. All-access control products are distributed and maintained across the country by our highly qualified technical staff.

Your house and place of business will always be entirely protected with our outstanding biometric fingerprint, RFID, IRIS, face recognition, and palm vein access control systems. We are your go-to solution while selecting the ideal access control system for your requirements. In addition to access control systems from HID, Idemia, Farpointe Data, Invixium, and ZK biometric systems, we also provide proximity solutions from a variety of reputable manufacturers. All of these companies are regarded as top-tier and reliable suppliers of access control systems in the UAE and abroad.

With our solutions, we promise to give workers and other organization stakeholders a secure and safe working environment. Our real-time monitoring and control feature will aid in improving operational effectiveness and workflow. We are now one of the most sought-after suppliers of access control systems in the UAE thanks to our experience and knowledge in the field.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your home, business, and other site solutions. We offer the widest selection of fingerprint, IRIS, face recognition, palm vein, and RFID door access control systems in Dubai and are known for our dependability and trustworthiness.

Why choose us?

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Access control is a electronics locking solutions integrated with different electronics gadgets and accessories such as Stand alone or multi-door Access controllers, Bio metric, HID/Mifare/RFID readers, Electric strike lock or Electro-magnetic lock, door contact or  reed sensor, Push button or rex switch, Break glass or Panic buttons, back up power suppliers and battery bank.

As the name suggests access control system regulates the entry and exit of people into a building or any premise. Access control solutions give trusted access to the appropriate individual at the right time. Master Computers one of the leading access control system suppliers in UAE offers the right access control solutions. We have a team of experts who will inspect your site and will determine the most appropriate access control system. We put forward custom solutions for each of our clients. Components that are customized such as codes, device credentials, access cards etc are provided by us. As one of the best access control system suppliers in UAE round the clock customer support and real time management of system is offered by us.

With our solutions we guarantee to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and other stakeholders of the organization. Our real time monitoring and controlling option will help in the workflow optimization and operational efficiency. Our experience and expertise have tuned us into one of the most sought after access control system suppliers in UAE.


Access Control

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