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April 25, 2023

When it comes to the security of your home and your family members, you cannot cut any corners. Even though UAE is a fairly safe city, it would give you relief when you know you have installed a complete security solution to protect your assets. If you are in search of the best CCTV installation in UAE, you have come to the right place for info and purchase, because there are certain things you have to be aware of. This article deals with 5 things you need to consider when you hire the services of a CCTV provider.

Things to note before CCTV installation in UAE

  1. Assess your security needs

Obviously, the first question would be, ‘Why are you getting security cameras and their accessories?’ So you need to assess your security needs before hiring the provider. Is it to cover the entire property, indoor and outdoors or just a few indoor indoor rooms? There are different types of systems for different purposes, including light night vision cameras for complete surveillance during the night.

And based on your requirements, you need to choose between HD and analog cameras. Obviously, if resolution and image quality are your highest priorities, then you need HD cameras, and if the requirement is even higher, then IP camera systems would be the best solution as the pixel resolution is between 4K and 8K.

  1. Is the CCTV installation provider appropriate for your business?

Has the CCTV provider installed for businesses like yours? Or if it is a residential complex, have they completed a project as large as yours? If they have different kinds of cameras then you will be able to choose between different camera types. For example, hotel, restaurant and retail chains prefer to install fixed dome cameras. Or maybe, a fixed bullet camera where the camera itself will be shaped like a rifle bullet (the benefit is that you don’t get distorted images thanks to its warping technology). It is important to review cctv companies in Abu Dhabi who can provide you with the latest cameras fit for your business and home needs.

  1. Do they provide cloud services too?

The images recorded in CCTV might have to be retrieved whenever you need to review something. So it is important that the images to be saved in the cloud can be retrieved at any time you need. If the CCTV provider provides cloud services then you can enjoy less hardware and universal accessibility. So even if the camera gets damaged, the recorded images will be in the cloud.

  1. Can they match your scalability?

The CCTV provider must be able to match with your scalability, i.e. your organisation’s growth. So when your company expands, or if you want to upgrade from HD cameras to IP-based ones, the provider must be able to seamlessly make the upgrade.

  1. They must be able to provide cameras that can see at night

If security is of paramount importance even at night, then you need very clear images when the CCTV cameras are integrated with infra-red LEDs. This would help illuminate the people and objects in their field of view. Some companies use really cheap components for infra-red cameras, and this could affect the quality of the images. When clarity of images is an important factor, you need to confirm with the provider what kind of infrared LEDs they use.

Commercial and residential camera surveillance have gone a long way from mere recordings to highly reliable images that are worthy enough to be stored for future references. It is important to partner with the right cctv installation in UAE provider so you can keep your important assets safe.

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