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Your lights switch on, your coffee begins to brew, and your security system disarms itself as you reach home. This is what home automation brings to your home. Home automation companies in Abu Dhabi bring you the best features that are not only comfortable but also help you save a lot on energy bills and space. The future of humanity is defined by a smart house given what we have accomplished with technology and AI. It provides you with a range of smart home technology in Abu Dhabi with state-of-the-art features to make your life easier.

As one of the biggest home automation companies in Dubai, we at Master Computers offer services that are guaranteed for quality to give you the most upgraded smart homes possible in Dubai. We guide your lighting, appliances, security systems, curtain control, thermostat, home theater, and many more items toward working for the future using our automation technology. You can quickly control and examine each of these aspects with a single tap on your smartphone or tablet.

We offer a smarter and more energy-efficient infrastructure for buildings because we are one of the top home automation companies in Dubai. As the smart home is still a relatively new concept in Dubai and other Emirates, some people might find our smart house entertainment setup and home automation system intimidating. We can offer the best home theater system in Abu Dhabi thanks to our magnificent home theater experience based on Bluetooth and other techniques.

Benefits of smart home automation technology

Here are some of the benefits of choosing home automation.

  1. Remote access – monitor your home anytime, anywhere. You can do activities such as open the door, switch on the fan, open the window blinds, etc. easily
  2. Energy efficiency – use it to put items such as thermostats on a daily routine to waste electricity. For instance, nest thermostats can save around 12% on heating and cooling costs.
  3. Comfort – imagine getting all set-in bed to drift off to sleep when you remember you forgot to turn off the bathroom light. Home automation solutions can help you to turn off smart lights easily.
  4. Convenience – monitor the devices remotely using voice commands, plan them properly and coordinate them.
  5. Safety – smart security devices can improve the security of your houses such as door and window sensors, and security cameras to track video doorbells and strange pedestrians.

Three stages of Home Automation

  • Monitoring – refers to your ability to check on the devices using an app. For instance, you can view the live footage from a smart security camera.
  • Control –the capacity of the user to operate these devices remotely, such as adjusting a security camera to see more of a living room.
  • Automation – involves programming systems to interact with one another. For instance, programming a surveillance camera equipped with an alarm to sound when it detects motion.

Why choose us?

We at Master Computers add luxury to your homes by offering you the most cutting-edge home automation features. We provide complete automation services to all varieties of homes and companies, ranging from temperature control and lighting control systems to fully-equipped home security systems.

Our highly effective team of professionals in smart technology stays current on all developments in the field of smart home automation and develops high-quality automation solutions. Our main aim is customer satisfaction, and through it, have built solid, long-lasting relationships with each of our customers. Over the years, Master Computers has served numerous companies in a variety of industries.

Here are some of the reasons why we are the best home automation companies in Dubai.

  • Seamless and hassle-free experience
  • Home automation installation in the UAE
  • Strong team with years of experience and skillsets
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Affordable packages
  • Top-quality products from the best brands worldwide

Among various crucial software solutions, home automation services in the UAE hold special significance due to their necessity and efficacy in maintaining a proper home security system that runs automatically without fail.

Being one of the renowned home automation services company in the UAE, we offer effective and top-level technical automation services for your home that is mandatory for reducing manual effort, and increasing efficacy and safety.

Since Masters Computers is one of the well-acknowledged home automation company in Abu Dhabi, we include the best trained and qualified software engineers and other staff who can handle all the issues regarding home automation services.

We offer highly beneficial solutions for each of the requirements of our clients. We offer our services at a less costly price with the best offers and rebates. Hence contact us to get the best home automation services in Dubai.

Feel free to contact us at +971 50 493 3481.


The average range of home automation will cost around $2000 and $6000. Note that it all depends on the project, home automation system you require i.e. if you need a high-end system or a low-end system. We are the top home automation companies in Dubai who can help you with personalized packages as per your home.
Yes. We are the top home automation company in Dubai who can help you with home automation easily. However, it all depends on how much of the work you want to DIY and how much you want to rely on a professional but the truth is that home automation is quite easy.

Absolutely. Even if you have an old house, smart home technology can still be useful for you. Your primary problems will be coverage and connectivity as most smart devices communicate wirelessly. You can benefit from home automation as long as your smart home is equipped with Wi-Fi extenders or other connected devices that form a mesh network.


The bitter truth is that anything on the internet is not safe and can be breached. However, security has advanced significantly and there are various measures you can take to protect your network.

The automatic and computerized control of household activities, features, and appliances is referred to as “home automation.” Simply said, it means you can simply control the appliances and features in your house online to improve convenience, increase security, and even reduce household expenses.

  • Remote control: You may manage your house using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Comfort: Make your home more liveable and comfortable by using home automation. You can program smart speakers that will play music as you return home from work or change the brightness or opacity of your lights according to the time of day.
  • Convenience: Set devices to switch on automatically at specific times, or check its settings remotely from any location with an Internet connection. When you don’t have to think about turning out the lights or locking the door behind you, you can focus on more crucial matters.
  • Increased safety: Home automation security features like pressure sensors, carbon monoxide monitors, and smart smoke alarms can help shield your house from tragedy.
  • Energy saving: Home automation enables you to be more aware of your power consumption. Reduce the amount of time that lights are left on or lower the temperature in a room when you leave it to reduce energy use.

Typically, it takes around 1-3 weeks to install a home automation system.


Well, you can research all about home automation system because there are thousands of ways to automate your home. You need to consider these factors first.
  • Cost: Smart technology is accessible to practically everyone. Determine your boundaries.
  • Setup: Adhere to user-friendly smart gadgets that are suitable as per your degree of expertise; some electrical devices (such smart outlets and thermostats) demand more technical expertise to configure than others.
  • Lifestyle: Because everyone is unique, you might not be able to use the smart device that your neighbour swears by. Talk to us to know more about it.
  • Research: Do your homework before you buy. Read independent reviews, buyers’ guides, and user feedback. You don’t need to conduct as much research as we did (that’s our job), but various viewpoints are always beneficial.
Also look up home automation companies in Dubai that can help you with the best services.

Most of the time, a smart home can continue to run without a wireless internet connection. Many features, however, might not function, and certain appliances might not be remote-controllable. Make sure you are prepared for emergencies by being aware of what works and what doesn’t.

Though smart gadgets can simplify everyday tasks, there is a risk of unwanted cyber intrusion when connecting common items to the internet. Before bringing any connected products into your home, it’s crucial to evaluate their security. Once everything is online, follow these safety measures to protect your smart home.

  1. Choose devices wisely – read and understand their security features first. If possible, pick Power over Ethernet (PoE) rather than wireless ones as PoE are a better choice.
  2. Change default username – Make sure the smartphone app doesn’t automatically create a username or account for you when you tap your way through the setup process for a device. This applies to wireless routers as well as smart devices because they all work together to make your smart home run properly. Checking from the list of preset usernames is among the first things hackers check as it saves them a lot of their work. So, make sure to change the default username. This gives you more breathing room and are removed from the list of targets by changing the default username.
  3. Use strong passwords – Use a secure password using a password manager. When you use a password manager, it creates random passwords that are difficult for hackers to crack even though they use the best tech.
  4. Use two-factor authentication – when you enable two-factor authentication, it works like a second password in case a hacker tries to get your username and password. Even if they use the right login password, they won’t be able to access without the special code that is sent to you via text message or email. This way you will get a notification/alert of any suspicious activity.
  5. Don’t use public WiFi – many places provide open WiFi. There are many public WiFi networks that are not secure and make you gadgets easy for hackers.
  6. Check app permissions – Some smart home apps gather information about your usage patterns. If you don’t utilize particular features like location data and Bluetooth connectivity, have a look at the information it’s receiving and remove app permissions.

Yes, home automation increases your home’s value. More consumers are requesting smart home features for their future homes. If your home has smart technology, you can probably increase the asking price.

The best time to install home automation is when you are constructing a new house or remodeling an existing one. It is preferable to have a significant technological upgrade of your home done while the house is being built because it would require a lot of wiring.