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PABX Solutions

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What is PABX Phone Solutions?

The Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) essentially provides your company with a private phone exchange used only for your requirements. The PABX allows extensions to be constructed from the same phone number while handling the switching and connecting internally, as opposed to connecting a large number of landlines to the public network. This not only makes expanding in the future much simpler to do, but it also offers considerable cost and efficiency benefits as compared to operating many landlines.

The PABX phone system is trustworthy and reliable. If the computer network goes down, the system will still function. It doesn’t require any updates or routine maintenance. Once the PABX system is set up, you can resume working without stress. We work with leading brands including Cisco PABX, Panasonic PABX, Samsung PABX, Avaya PBX, and much more to meet our customers’ needs. The members of our team will help you make the right decision for your company.

We provide complete call center solutions and company telephone systems in Dubai. We are completely aware of how crucial company communication systems are. The right communication system is important for your company’s connectivity. The phone system should be scalable to grow with your company. We always ensure that our clients receive the best telephony solution. If you are looking for a PABX system in Dubai, we can assist you in meeting your communication needs thanks to our team’s experience in this area.

PABX System Installation Dubai

Do you wish to promote digitally your company? Are you seeking a VoIP-enabled PABX solution that is safe, dependable, and affordable? It’s time to seamlessly switch to the greatest IP telephone system.

Every call is important in the countless interactions that take place in business. The PABX telephone solution is essential if you want to keep your business’s communication system functioning at its best. We provide you with IP telephony that meets the highest standards while remaining reasonably priced and loaded with useful business communications tools and applications.

Why choose us?

At Master Computers, we are a reputable and prominent provider of PABX solutions in Abu Dhabi. You will find all the best and top-model brands for our PABX solution like Yearisk and Asterisk Custom Solutions, Grand stream, Panasonic, Avaya and Cisco.

Our top of the line PABX technologies ensures reliability and brings to you some best features that you would find in a Hosted VoIP solution for improve assistance in telecommunication requirements in a business scenario

Some of the top qualities and unique features of our PABX system in Dubai are the flexibility of call transfers, conference calling, speed dialing and many more. Our PABX system in Dubai is specially designed to cater to your business requirements.

Easy to Maintain PABX Solutions

Our PABX telephone system in Abu Dhabi is made to forward calls seamlessly to different locations, departments and remote employees. Additionally, the systems ensure scalability to ensure that your telecommunication requirements can be adjusted as per your business growth.

You can upgrade our PABX solution without professional help and the fear of business interruptions. Our PABX Solutions ensure hassle-free communication both externally and internally in your business. To learn more about our PABX system in Dubai, call us now.

Feel free to contact us at +971 50 493 3481.