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What is structured cabling?

Master Computers offers you reliable, efficient organized cabling solutions. We can handle the planning, design, and expert installation of structured cabling for businesses of any size.

We provide cabling services for security, theater sets, phone systems, paging, and speakers, and that’s only the beginning. Our knowledgeable team will work with your IT staff to ensure that all cables and equipment are installed correctly and to your satisfaction. If you are looking for the best-structured cabling companies in Abu Dhabi, then look no further.

Structured Cabling System and Services

When it comes to your structured cabling installation, appearances do matter, which is why we only use the best-structured cabling solutions. Poorly installed structures might result in reduced functionality and troubleshooting that is complex. You’ll be raving about our structured cabling installation services. We can handle projects of any size. Be it creating a new fiber-optic backbone to connect your Ethernet devices, configuring a voice and data network, or expanding your building’s low-voltage infrastructure, we can handle it all.

If you are looking for structured cabling companies in Abu Dhabi, then Master Computers is one of them. One of the leading IT organizations in UAE, Master Computers offers structured cabling services at a genuinely reasonable price. We offer all types of connections, including fiber optic cabling, shielded pair cabling, unshielded pair cabling, spine cabling, and FTP cabling. Master Computers have highly coordinated cabling specialists working on various foundation modules.

6 Components of structured cabling

Structured cabling is based on six components that provide a convenient, repeatable, and easily implemented framework to install telecommunications cabling. The six components of structured cabling are the following:

1. Entrance facility

The precise location where the wiring for the building and the phone company meet. The entrance facility consists of the organizational border point, linkages, insurance devices, interface tools, and other devices related to the on-premises cabling at the client premises.

2. Equipment Room

The equipment room is a dedicated house for housing wire and hardware combination points. Usually, it serves customers within the building or on the property. A room or area inside a building designated for the establishment or storage of mechanical, electrical, or electronic devices is known as an equipment room.

3. Telecommunications room or enclosure

A communications room or enclosure should be a sealed-off area. It is designed to house dispersion outlines, link terminations, cross interfaces, and broadcast communications equipment. There is typically one broadcast communications room or nook in each structure.

4. Backbone cabling

Vertical cabling, often known as wring, is another name for structured cabling. It provides connectivity between entrance offices, telecom rooms, and hardware rooms. These cables are typically installed from one story to another or even between buildings.

5. Horizontal cabling

The term “horizontal cabling” refers to the wiring that connects the workspace’s broadcast communications data outlet to the flat cross-associate in the media communications room (TR) or broadcast communications nook (TE).

6. Workspace

Workspace refers to the use of workspace components to connect correspondence outlets to end-client devices. Patch links, communication outlets, and station hardware are examples of workspace components, which are also referred to as link parts.

We at Master Computers are one of the top structured cabling companies in Abu Dhabi that are the one-stop solution for all your cabling needs.

Why choose us?
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We realize that your business depends on effective interchanges frameworks for organizations, communication, and ICT frameworks. Hence, we believe that structured cabling installation is necessary for your business. Master Computers is a multi-trained installer of framework arrangements, giving an extensive scope of organized cabling, CCTV, AV, and specialized installation services.

Effectively planned cabling is the spine of each business. At Master Computers, we work with our accomplices to plan and convey future-sealed organizations by evaluating your business’ cabling needs. All of our structured cabling UAE services get worked for life span, adaptability, and norms consistency, and we test and investigate to satisfy these characteristics.

The process involved 

  1. Planning and designing- From on-location server rooms to office and meeting spaces, our creators will augment availability and similarity throughout your business premises. We’ll oversee retrofits, rearrangements, or complete substitutions of existing frameworks.
  2. Installation- Our accomplice designers will concur execution dates with you whenever plans get finished. Whether revising your present frameworks or introducing utterly new cabling structures, we’ll progress overcoming the minor interruptions. Hands down, the best materials get utilized in all our cabling work.
  3. Future-Proofing- Recognizing and investigating explicit links and passages during all future support works will be simplified via thoroughly inventorying each component of your organization.

Our cabling engineers give network-based establishment services to companies all over UAE. As an association, we highly esteem providing qualified, experienced project workers working intimately with customers to convey the ideal arrangement. Our history in the arrangement of specialized help is unparalleled.

We strive hard to tune in with our customers to deliver the best services by asking numerous questions. As your picked workers for hire, it empowers us to give the proper IT structure cabling Abu Dhabi services customized to your requirements.

Any equipment must include proper cable installation to increase its efficacy and performance. Structured cabling services in the UAE is extremely important to increase the integrity and functionality of any system. Hence, if you are also in a search of a highly functional structured cabling services, Masters Computers is the best solution for you.

But what makes us the best provider of structured cabling solutions in the Dubai? Being one of the well-acknowledged companies in Dubai that offers highly helpful structured cabling solution for the proper installation of any industrial equipment. We include skilled staff in our team who can deliver the best installation for any of your needs.

We are capable of modifying ourselves as per the changing needs of our clients. At Master Computers, we function effortlessly to plan and offer future-sealed organizations by assessing your business’ cabling requirements. All of our structured cabling solution in Dubai get operated for life span, adaptability, and rules consistency. We examine carefully to convince these factors.

Hence contact us to get the best structured cabling solution with the highest accuracy.

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A structured cabling design offers a complete framework for organizations to send data, audio, alarm, video, or signals over the network. This is due to the fact that organized cable networks are more reliable and secure than wireless networks.

A straightforward, repeatable, and simple to implement framework for installing telecommunications cabling is provided by structured cabling, which is based on six components. The following are the six elements of structured cabling:

  • Entrance Facilities
  • Equipment Room
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Telecommunications Room
  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Work Area

Here are some of the main structure cabling standards:

  1. The ANSI/TIA 568 standard that was created to build a network cabling specification that will support more than one vendor application.
  2. The ISO/IEC 11801 is the international standard that is followed globally for IT systems.

There are many benefits of structured cabling.

  1. Simple to understand – In terms of organization, structured cabling systems are highly straightforward. Most firms use a variety of gadgets and IT tools at once. Thus, implementing multiple wire infrastructure at the same location is complicated, which is why having a single system reduces that complexity. If you were using structured network cabling to run everything, there wouldn’t be any trouble finding it and fixing it.
  2. Solving Problems Quickly – Because organized cabling promotes organization, connectivity issues can be easily resolved, reducing downtime. When using different wire infrastructure, it is possible that you will spend a lot of time attempting to pinpoint a cable that has produced an issue. Since employees will have to wait until network troubleshooting is finished, this can lower productivity, which reduces your company’s income. Structured cabling, on the other hand, quickly resolves these issues, cutting down on downtime.
  3. More Versatility – A structured cabling system is very flexible since it can rapidly and easily adapt any additions, moves, or new alterations. This guarantees that your company’s performance improves, which leads to faster business growth. Moreover, it shortens the installation process and improves flexibility to network infrastructure changes, making moving to a new workplace simple.
  4. Cost Effective – A practical way to ensure the efficient operation of your business is through the use of structured data cabling. The highly adaptable and scalable network will be able to handle the significant demands placed on it while still supplying a constant flow of information. This will increase productivity and contribute to corporate success. Additionally, one straightforward cabling system lowers power and maintenance expenses and eliminates the time and money needed to find and fix any problems.

Availa of these benefits with us – Master Computers who are the best structured cabling companies in Abu Dhabi.

An extensive infrastructure allowing organizations to transport data, audio, alarm, video, or signals over the network is provided by a structured cabling design. This is due to the fact that organized cable networks are more reliable and secure than wireless networks.


Common types of cable include Coaxial cable, Fiber optic cable, and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cable. When establishing an office network, small firms need to take a number of factors into account. Plan the office layout first. How many computer stations will be in the area, and will there be a data center there? Think about whether workers will use desktop computers, laptops, or both to perform tasks. It’s also crucial to set up enough room for servers and other kinds of network hardware. To get an internet connection into the office, some wiring is still needed, even if a small firm aims to set up a wireless environment. Schedule a consultation with us today to know which works best. If you are looking for the best structured cabling companies in Abu Dhabi, then we are there for you.
Even after installation of our products, we provide you with excellent services and annual maintenance services to keep the equipment running smoothly.